Come close to Me today and know I am here. Here to comfort and cause you to see Me as the Lord of your life and the world to come. You see Me in a large way, but much more is to be learned by My own. Today I will show you a place of peace like you have never experienced before.There is a rest that only My own can know. Just watch Me as you are revealed a peace that no one can deny is Me and My peace. Come bathe yourself in My presence and keep your thoughts pure. It is up to Me,  not you, to flow like a river of life along with Me and My heart of love. The river is flowing and lives are being changed. How you know you are there, is that your mind and spirit feel it. Way in front of you I am able to make the storms calm and those who trouble you change into those who see Me as I am. Tell the world the answer is not in what you do, but what I do. Come, allow Me to part the waters and give you a stream that leads to My glory. Come, draw yourself close to Me and sing the songs of worship.