While spending my special precious time with the Lord one morning, I was praying about the need of those to take their place in the body of Christ. While praying, God began to inspire me to write.

I call it:


     Take My anointing with you wherever you go. Make Me known in a manifest way to those you minister. Make Me the shield of faith on your body mind and spirit.

     I shield your heart and vital organs. I shield My heart in you, My vital organs of those who trust in Me. I shield them, they are Mine to use . They walk for me, they run for Me. They are My possession.

      Do you understand what I mean?  – The vital organs, when they stop, My body (the body of Christ) dies.

     There are vital organs in the Church, in the body of Christ. They have My heart, they have My blood, they have My Church in operation.

     The kidneys take out impurities and so does the spleen.There are organs in My body, if they don’t function like they should, the whole body lays down. Do you understand what I mean?

     No, Lord, not exactly, I ask you to please show me.

     Well, you see your fingers, they are visible to you. You see your eyes, feet, and toes. You can see all the visible parts that show, but you can’t see vital organs without ex ray processes. I will teach you what I mean. There are those who have the heart of God operating inside of them. God doesn’t need just the head and the other parts of the body but He needs the heart to be a place where He can operate.

     Take for instance: You have heard the saying, “My heart was just not in that.” Well, it means: I went through the motions, my other parts were involved, even my mind, but my heart was not involved. Why do you think the heart was not involved?

     I will tell you why this is true in the body of Christ, It’s because the heart of man is not ready to receive the heart of God as their source. They say they know Me, they say they love Me but the other parts are  so busy doing what the mind, the intellect is saying to do, and not listening to the heart. No man can know their own heart until they know My heart.

     My heart is pure. May the body of Christ listen to my heart, cultivate My heart to become one with their heart, then My blood will flow in My body and all the vital parts will be shielded with My shield that faith brings. Faith in My heart, faith in Me.

     I don’t want My body to struggle to keep things going, I want them to have the God kind of heart that is pure and pumping good circulation to the body so My Body will move freely to others the heart of God.