Today’s message is a topic all Christians deal with on a regular basis “CASTING YOUR CARES”.  I pray you will be free from cares as we come to the conclusion of this mssage.


Our Scripture reading is found in 1 Peter 5:7.  


When I think of this topic, my thoughts go to fishing with a rod and reel, where we cast the lure or bait into the water.

The Scripture says 1 Peter 5;7,  —- Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.

Care means anxiety, burden, anything that emotionally weights us down.


The problem, the most of us, have with this is, that we cast our cares and then reel them back in again.  He wants us to break the line and let it go.

We are all alike, you know.  We all do it.

Why can’t we just let it go?

The last part of that verse reads …for (or because) He careth for you.

We know we have better things to do with our thought-life.  If He cares for us, He must be the only one who can handle that care.


Look with mw at Mark 4:18,19 —- And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the Word,

      And the cares of this world, … entering in, choke the Word, and it becometh unfruitful.

Here, Jesus is talking about the sowing of the seed which represents the Word of God. 

The cares of this life can weight a Christian down, so that they have no joy; and their peace goes right out the window, so to speak.  We forget who we are in Christ.

We get anxious, we get tense and agitated, and speak short to people: not meaning to, but we do it.


John 14:1a says, —- Let not your heart be troubled:…

Cares can cause heart trouble and panic attacks.

He careth for you, means to me: He will take care of it.

Cast that thing that is troubling you over to Him.  Don’t try to be the lord of your life.  Let the Holy One have it.

He created you, why do you think He won’t handle every situation in your life?

All He wants us to do, is cast it on Him, and trust Him to take care of it.


I have, taped on my computer, Scripture verses.  I also have a statement I copied from some book or source, that says, “I AM WITH YOU ON EVERY OCCASION”.  Each time I read it, a peace settles over me, because, if I know anything about God, He cares, and is with me at all times.


We are yoked together with Him:  Jesus said in Matthew 11:29,30 —-

       Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

      For My yoke is easy, and My burden (or load) is light.


Dr. R.W. Shambock tells the story about when he was a little boy: how he spent the Summer with his uncle on the farm. 

He, being a city boy, didn’t know anything about farm life.  He eyed this big strong mule; and watched his uncle harness it to a yoke.  Then, his uncle did a strange thing:  He took another mule, and yoked it together with the  strong one:  but this one was skroney and looked very weak. It swayed in the middle.

They were harnessed to pull a heavy load.    —-

Well, Shambock started protesting, kicking his uncle in the shin, pleading with him, not to let that weak mule pull such a heavy load.

His uncle said, “You don’t understand, the strong mule is doing all the work, the weak one is just going along for the ride!”


Well, woman of God, this has stayed with me ever since that tent meeting, and I can still see the picture in my mind.


We pray, give it to God, and He carries the load for us.

I am not saying we are not required to do our part.

We have to pray and give it to Him.


That weak mule could have tried to get ahead of the strong one, and forced the load upon himself, by trying to pull a load he couldn’t handle,

but when he relaxed and let the strong one take the lead, he didn’t have to strain against the burden.


This load you are carrying, is too big for you.  You have tried to deal with it your own way, but have not been able to shake that thing off.

You go to sleep with it on your mind, and wake-up with it on your mind.


It’s like a poster I had once, where a man is walking down a railroad track with a Volkswagen on his back.  He is bent way over from the load.

In his hand, you can see a train ticket.  A train is passing by him on the other side.  He could have put down that heavy load, and let the train carry him and the car.  He already had his ticket.


Likewise, we who are born again, have our ticket in our hand: it is our prayer-life.

The troubles of this life, don’t have to weight us down.

We can enter that rest God promised us, and take that ride through life, with Jesus, or we can go to heaven early with a heavy burden. 


I firmly believe, many heart attacks, and other life threatening diseases are brought-on by the cares of this life.

Now, relax, and ask God to take that thing, which has you so distracted, and anxious. —- Find a verse of Scripture that suits your situation, and stand on it.

The Lord’s desire for us is, that we find that place of rest.


Matthew 11:28 —- Come unto Me (or move toward Me), all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Repent of not trusting,  believe His Word, and He will take care of that thing.


If God is speaking to you today, about something that has you weighted you down, cast it on Him, His shoulders can handle it.


Woman of God, when we try to take that thing into our own hands, and don’t trust God with it, it can become a bigger mess than we started out with.

So, turn it over to God, and I promise you, although there may be some reaping on the part of the guilty, it will be resolved, in the best way, for all those involved.


Do the messages, God gives me for this Broadcast, speak to Me?

Yes.  I needed this one today: 

But the experiences of failures and victories in my life on this point make me know God will take care of this one too, If I give it to Him.

I try to stay in a place of rest with Him, and I know I will see His glory in every situation. —- For, He is with me, in every episode of my life.


These messages are to bring you the truth of the Word of God.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.



Pray this prayer with me:

      Father, I ask You to take this care that is troubling me right now.  For I am casting it over onto You.  I can’t work it out for myself.  Please take it, and turn it around for the good for all those involved.

In the mighty Name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.


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