It’s Beyond Me

When I reach out unto the unknown,
“It’s beyond me”
When I hear you say, “Step up higher”
I say, “It’s beyond me”
Though I know from your word,
I can do all things through Christ:
“It’s still beyond me”
Though I hear your voice, and move:
“It’s still beyond me”
If it were easy I wouldn’t have to
stretch-out but I know that
“You are there beyond me”
Fulfilling what I can’t, and saying,
“Come on I am in every circumstance
whether big or small, still I move you
out to places with Me that you will know
when you get there, and say”
“It’s beyond me”
But still you move knowing you never
could, but I can through you.
Lord, I’ll move, I’ll yield, I’ll walk;
I’ll say what You tell me, I’ll go where You send me,
Even though I know it’s You