Soaking In His Presence

On Father’s Day of 2009, special meetings were birthed among our congregation here at LMCI. The Lord’s presence settled like a cloud down over us with the wonders only God can perform. In that same nights service, it was the same, but more powerful. This went on through the whole service, and at the end, no one wished to leave. It was as though we were held captive, in a good sense, to remain in God’s presence. As we sat there soaking in his holy presence, the thought came to me that maybe we should come back on the following Monday evening. After the service, people came over to me and said, “I’ll come back if you will”. Others shared their desire to come and our “soaking in God’s presence” was birthed. We don’t come to talk our touch anyone else, or even for prayer, we just find a place in the sanctuary to seek the Lord individually. Some bring a pillow and a blanket and settle down on the floor, some on the platform, and others in the seats. Some nights it’s very quiet, and some nights you can hear crying, praying, and sometimes praise. Worship is always there. Worship music is always present playing in the background; And the atmosphere is charged with God’s presence every night. We are now beginning our thirteenth week and people are still coming. Some say this is what they think about all day, and can’t wait to get there. So far people have testified to hearing God’s voice; deliverance; receiving direction; and visions. We have also noticed a revival among our people; And now the neighbors are asking, “What is going on?” One received a word from God on Saturday night, that her sister was lost. She prayed a simple prayer, “Lord, you’ll have to tell her.” She told no one. The next morning Pastor Roy visited her sister early, in the hospital, and her sister told them three things: “I love you” – “I need prayer” – and “I am lost”.
She received Jesus immediately. Some have received a new revelation of their salvation, and others have noticed their annointing has increased in their personal ministry.