These are  two prophecies in one: Given through Pastor Roy Porter, June 27, 2010, Sunday Evening Service, five minutes apart.

Sometimes we think, God do You remember Me?

He says – I’m fixing to bring up something, a memorial. A memorial, a memorial for you. A memorial is coming before Me. I’m fixing to do something for you. I’ve seen how you have served Me. I’ve  seen how you lived for Me under stress and great distress. But you have been faithful to Me. There has been times when you felt you couldn’t go any further. There has been times when the enemy would wisper to you to give up. And you nearly buckled under. You nearly was sifted under the strain you were under. But you came back to Me. You came to my Word. You came back to pray and you didn’t turn away. But you turned towards Me.

And the Spirit of the Lord said,

I will never forget that,  for a memorial has come up and you will see a blessing. You will see a blessing that you did not even expect. For I will bless you in the middle, in the middle, in the middle, of your  attack. And I will raise you up in front of those who have talked about you and criticized you. And I will raise you up, and they shall know that I raised you up, because you have been faithful to Me.You have prayed and you have sought My face and you have done it with great tears and anguish sometimes. But you have been true to Me. And I will bless you sayest the Lord.

5 Minutes later, the next prophecy began:

Yea, sayest the Lord; Yea, sayest the Lord. The anointing will increase in your life this year. My anointing will touch you.  And My anointing will flow through and you will be amazed at what is being poured out upon you. For others shall see it. The gift that I impart into your life will be seen by others. The victory that I will impart in your life will be seen by others, and you shall minister to others.  And you shall minister with the authority that you have never had before, that you have never walked in before, a level that you have never dreamed that would be upon your life. And I will use you. I will use you and the world may not know you but I  know you and I will use you in a measure that you have never been used in before.  And because of the attacks that you have been under and because of all the pressure that you have been under and you have been true to Me. You will not be prideful but you will be humble as I use you. And you have learned wisdom in all your distress. In all the attacks you have learned wisdom. You have learned to walk in My wisdom sayest the Lord.  And I will use you and you shall not fall. You shall not go to the right nor to the left, but you will walk with Me. And you will go straight and you shall not lift yourself before others. You will give me the glory.  You will give Me the praise. Because you have been humble and you have looked to me and you have walked through this, I will raise you up, Sayest the Lord God.


And I will put My glory in you, and your glory shall spread out across wherever you walk. Your feet shall be beautiful. 


And the anointing that’s on you shall touch many.