A Word From God

It is up to you to trust Me each day with my plan.

It is up to you to follow Me as I lead.

I will never put you in doubt about anything.

There are those who don’t understand what I have taught you.

It is not that I don’t want to teach them, it is that they want some of their life’s control.

To allow me the honor of controlling their lives would give them all the stability they need.

When you need My time, I am here with you.

When you go, I go with you, but when you say, “Take control,” I know that whatever I want to do through you, I can.

I see your mind about this: it is to follow Jesus when He said, “I only say what the Father gives Me, and I only do what the Father says.”

This is what I want for you too, but to do this, you have to loose all control of each day, and trust Me with all that must be handled, even if it is something you don’t want to say or do.

It is up to Me to handle the outcome.