You Alone


I seek Your face, O Lord my God,
My heart, it trusts in You.
I need Your touch, Your plan, Your peace:
This is what I need, it’s true.

I give You all I have to do,
And all my life and will.
I give You everything that comes my way,
And to You alone I yeild.

There are those who know You, Lord,
Who go through trials galore.
I want to help , but how can I?
It’s You they need the more.

For what You do to help them, Lord,
Is show them how to live,
And cast their cares upon You, Lord,
And rest upon Your will.

I have a peace in all of this,
But at times it brings me down.
So here it is, Lord, I give it You,
And rest myself in You alone.

*(This poem – given to Your servant, friend, during our time together, Lord)